the Bailey Translations

I met Randy Bailey in the summer of 2016 through our close mutual friend Dan Duggan.  I had been working under Dan in an internship as a chaplain at an assisted living facility where I was learning about the art of pastoral care in a clinical setting.  My days were spent learning how to hold space for others more effectively and how to listen in a new, and a deeper way.  The experience, and the fellowships that developed, led to the recording and release of Dan Duggan's "On the Backroads of My Mind" and got Randy and I working on this project together.  Randy started sending me demos of songs that he had written; songs with brilliantly colorful chord progressions and honest stories about his life's journey.  He entrusted me with his art and allowed me to re-imagine his work through the filters of my life experiences and my musical understandings.  Singing Randy's songs and interpreting them was not unlike an exercise of deep listening in a pastoral setting, where one repeats back their understanding of what they have just heard.  With each tune, I did my best to comprehend what the song was saying to me and to then articulate that with my voice, drums & percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards, and production choices.  By July of 2017, we had mutually agreed that we had an album on our hands...this is "the Bailey Translations."