This official music video for the title track from the 2014 album Fetter is a meditation on the power of love in parenthood.  The Buddha named his son Rahula (Fetter) in the knowledge that the bond between him and his child bound him to the world.  It's hard to be pure spirit, unattached to material existence when face to face with adundant grace in the loving eyes of your child.  Enjoy the video!!!

the Jordan

Inspired by a trip to the Holy Land, the 2011 release the Jordan examines spirituality and the journey toward faith through the eyes of a pilgrim.  Part travelogue and part religious study, the album's title track expresses a sense of wonder and anticipation in the walk with Christ.

My Ready Tongue

This confessional track from the Jordan CD explores the importance of watching our words and striving toward more loving speech in the midst of our anger and hurt.  Principle footage was shot on the way to, and at, Machu Picchu in Peru.

Eyes Like Mine

This track off of the Fetter album is a bouncy, reggae-inspired expression of the joys of fatherhood.  Written after the birth of my first son Ricky, the song is about the spirit of play and the experience of God's grace that grows out of the incomparable love shared between a parent and a child.


Shot on location on Venice Beach in Southern California, this song from the Jordan disc is about giving ourselves permission to feel good.  The narrative suggests that, while fully experiencing and naming our pain and our fear, we come to a point where we must accept ourselves and our world in its suchness if we are to truly live.


From the 2008 release Rick Bauer presents Mr the Invisible, this song is a lamentation over career disappointments and a look back at the crossroads of a life in transition.  Marked by exhaustion and a loss of direction, this song speaks to the "dark night of soul" where everything seems to be in doubt.