Red Rock


This is the first album of all-original material that I've released since the 2014 Fetter CD.  Though working in collaboration with other artists and producing a number of available works through those projects, Red Rock marks a fresh creative return for me.  It took a while to really want to write, or to even know what to say through music after my father's 2017 passing.  But time heals a great many things, and through Grace, my journey has continued to unfold in ways that I never could have imagined.  Through these songs, rooted in my life as an Episcopal Priest and a practitioner of Christian Meditation, I hope that you'll find invitations to ponder your own inner-life and feel somehow 'heard' through my own reflections.  These tracks are a bit of a tribute to the years that I was blessed to spend with Rich and Pops in the Rick Bauer Band in terms of style, and they are very much reflections of the Christ-soaked worldview that I work to articulate as a priest, pastor, writer, and father.  We're all still in the process of becoming, and I pray that you will lean with me, into hope, and work with the tide of a God who makes all things new.  Humbly,

Rick Bauer+


Check out the Official Music Video for the title track of Mr the Invisible's 2020 release. ©Rick Bauer 2020

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